Bunny Catchers

Bunny Catchers

Project type: Indie9000 game jam

Made: April 2010

My fields: Producer, Audio, Game design

Time spent on this project: 48 hours

Tools used: Adobe Flash CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Garage Band, Audacity

DOWNLOAD: Bunny Catchers

About this project:

Two-player versus game where a pair of rabbit mothers fight to save as many of their baby bunnies as possible, while avoiding the claws of the evil fox.

Developed in 48 hours by a team of five programmers in April 2010 at the Danish game jam Indie9000 in Aalborg. The theme for all games was “bunnies” (hence the Easter Holiday).

Game concept
It’s a two-player competitive game where each player has to collect as many rabbit kids as possible, while avoiding the dangerous fox that is lurking around.

The game is rather simple, yet addictive, and has some sort of strategic elements built into it: you can either choose to play safe, collecting few rabbits at a time, or move farther out in the field and collect many at the same time, risking to lose them all if the fox hits you.

The more rabbits you have behind you, the slower you move. And if you get hit by the fox without any small rabbits, you get stunned and lose some precious seconds (the game runs for 90 seconds total).

The players keep collecting rabbits until the music becomes intense and very fast and the timer finally hits zero.

Game was developed purely in Flash using ActionScript. Everything were made from scratch but the music.

Anders Jepsen
Benjamin Overgaard
Gustav Dahl
Jakob Halskov
Kristian Hedeholm