Project type: Game Development Camp

Made: July 2008

My fields: Game design, Programming, Level design

Time spent on this project: 1 week

Tools used: Blender, 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop CS4


About this project:

Super Monkey Ball meets Super Mario Galaxy.

The game was developed in one week at Game Development Camp 2008 in Aalborg using the Open Source Blender engine. Our team consisted of six people (four programmers, one 3D artist, one 2D artist).

Game conecpt
The basic gameplay is that you controlling a ball in a puzzle world. Like other platformers, you have to keep the focus on the ball while trying to get safely through a group of different scenarious. It is an try-and-try-again type of game with a great amount of challenges, though it is precisely so hard that you’ll always want to come back for more. Balancing the game is extremely important.

The special thing about the game is, as the name indicates, the use of different kinds of gravities. When touching either a red or blue pulse field the ball flies upwards – leaving you to play upside down. You’ll never know what’s up and what’s down, and our goal is to give the player a unique experience by mixing up a classic platform game with a gravity theme. Think about Super Monkey Ball meeting Super Mario Galaxy, and you have a good idea about Gravity.

Anders Jepsen
Christina Larsen
Gustav Dahl
Jeppe Trøst
Kristian Hedeholm
Nikolaj Grandt