Project type: Indie9000 game jam

Made: April 2012

My fields: Programming, Game design, Audio

Time spent on this project: 48 hours

Tools used: Unity 3.5, 3ds Max, Photoshop CS5, Visual Studio Express 2010, bfxr

DOWNLOAD: Anti-Cover

About this project:

You are used to rely on covers as something stationary and static … something you can count on. Not in this game. Drugs change everything. Especially your perception of covers.

Anti-Cover was developed during the Indie9000 game jam in Spring 2012 with the theme “Out of this world”.

Anti-Cover is a twin-stick shooter game for two people. Using an Xbox 360 controller, players control either a red or a blue troll. The goal is to shoot the opposite player. However, there is a catch: the ammo is not bullets, but drug pills. These pills have various effects and make the players hallucinate and become dizzy. This will change how they perceive the world; everything will start moving around, dissapear and do unpredictable things.

The game is played in split-screen. The world is subjective, so the two players won’t see it the same way, which can used for strategic purposes. For instance, one player will see a cover at a certain spot, while the other won’t. This makes up for interesting gameplay, because a player can shoot drug bullets through what the other sees as a cover.

Using the face buttons on the controller (A, B, X, Y), the players can use four different pill types:

  • Speed drug – makes you move faster
  • Portal drug – pill bullets teleport from one edge of the screen to the other
  • Bouncy drug – pill bullets bounce off walls
  • Control drug – movement control messes up

The players can choose to either shoot a pill or eat it. The goal is to give an overdose to the enemy player. The troll’s hair indicate the level of intoxication; the same does the bar the middle of the screen. The more drugs the players have taken, the more visual effects will be applied to the to make it look weird and psychedelic.

Anti-Cover was nominated second best for Best use of theme.

Gustav Dahl
Jon Ravn-Grove
Kristoffer Ryttersgaard
Martin Sørensen
Steffen Dalbro Eriksen

8-bit loop – Stratkat
Aktarum – Gang of Trolls