Attack of The Zombie Vikings

Attack of The Zombie Vikings

Project type: Indie9000 game jam

Made: November 2012

My fields: Programming, game design

Time spent on this project: 48 hours

Tools used: Unity 4.0, Photoshop CS6

DOWNLOAD: Attack of The Zombie Vikings

About this project:

Dual co-op game where you have to stand back-to-back to defend against an endless horde of evil zombie vikings.

Attack of The Zombie Vikings is a two-player co-op game developed during Indie9000 in Aalborg. The theme for the game jam was found by using The Video Game Name Generator, and it ended being “Lazy Valkyrie Roundup”.

The game was developed in 48 hours in Unity 4.0. I mostly programmed the enemy behavior and spawn system, as well as various things on the controls, audio and health system.

About the game
The game is about a viking and a valkyrie (an angel-type figure from the Norse mythology) that are being attacked by a large amount of zombies. They need to defend themselves; however, they need to cooperate, since the enemies can be in one of two staged: physical or soul form. First the viking needs to hit an enemy with his axe, then the valkyrie should finish it off with her magic torch. This leads to teamplay, since no player can kill an enemy himself. Also, the viking can only be attacked by a soul enemy, and the valkyrie can only be attacked by a physical enemy. This creates some duality in the gameplay.

The viking player is controlled by using WASD/Arrow keys and Space to attack. The valkyrie is controlled with the mouse where you move the cursor around, and the valkyrie with follow that. Clicking the mouse fires magic beams.

Anders Duemose Lund
Frederik Torp Mouridtsen
Gustav Dahl
Kasper Jensen Andersen
Maximilian Müller
Rasmus Hjulskov