Fair Play

Fair Play

Project type: EDGE Get Into Games Challenge 2013

Made: April 2013

My fields: Programming, Design, Audio, Graphics

Time spent on this project: ~1 month

Tools used: Unity 4, Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, bfxr, Audacity


About this project:

A fighting game where the goal is not to fight.

Fair Play is a Unity game that I developed for EDGE Magazine’s annual Get Into Games Challenge during March and April 2013. The theme for the competition was do no harm.

Fair Play is an isometric boxing game, but it is unlike most other fighting games, since you don’t control any of the fighters; instead you are the judge of the match. Having the theme in mind, your goal is to prevent as much of the fighting as possible. That being said, it is important that the crowd gets an exciting experience. They have payed a lot of money to see the match, so you better give them some bang for their buck!

This makes it a game of cat-and-mouse, because you have to balance the crowd’s level of excitement with the boxers’ health. If a boxer is killed, it is game over. Likewise if the crowd becomes too bored.

Arrow Keys to move
Space to do a spin attack