Resistance Wars

Resistance Wars

Project type: IndieTAW game jam

Made: August 2012

My fields: Programming, Sound effects

Time spent on this project: 48 hours

Tools used: Unity 3.5, Visual Studio, Photoshop, Maya, Sprite Something, Audacity, bfxr

DOWNLOAD: Resistance Wars

About this project:

Asymmetric three-player multiplayer game with awesome pixel art that makes your eyes bleed (in a good way).

Resistance Wars is an asymmetric multiplayer game for three players. It was developed during the IndieTAW game jam in Viborg in August 2012. The theme for the game jam was “Resistance”.

It’s a Unity-based game where two players control characters that move around a tower. Their goal is to destroy the big tower in the middle of the arena by shooting it. However, this tower is controlled by another player. The tower can rotate falling blocks to protect himself. Also, the game is inspired by the polarity system from the shoot ’em up game Ikaruga where each bullet has a color. One player shoots red bullets, the other shoots blue bullets. The tower has a shield, and by flipping its color he can protect himself getting shot, since a blue bullet won’t damage a blue shield and vice versa.

The tower wins if the time runs out, but if one of the shooting players manage to destroy the tower, they win.

The shooting players have to types of weapons: normal bullets (using either the S or K key) and grenade type of bullets (the W or I key). The latter requires holding down the key to charge the shot; the longer it is hold down, the further it will travel. There is only a limited amount of ammunition, so the players also have to gather new ammo by picking up small boxes.

Red player: movement = AD; shooting normal bullets = S; charging grenades = W
Blue player: movement = JL; shooting normal bullets = K; charging grenades = I
Tower player: rotation = Left arrow + Right arrow; flipping shield color = Down arrow

Camilla Slot Kristensen
Gustav Dahl
Igor Noronha
Mads Johansen
Mathias Søholm
Martin Erik Lange