Space Shooter

Space Shooter

Project type: Unity tutorial game

Made: August 2010

My fields: Programming, Game design, Audio

Time spent on this project: 3 days

Tools used: Unity 2.6, Visual Studio 2010 Express, sfxr, Photoshop CS4

DOWNLOAD: Space Shooter

About this project:

What better way to learn Unity than by making a cool space shooter game with awesome explosion particles?

It’s a simple shoot ’em up game where you control a spaceship with the arrow keys and fire a laser beam with space. Your objective is to hit the flying asteroids to gain points. You either win the game by gaining 2000 points, or lose if you are hit by the asteroids three times. As you progress, the asteroids will fly faster and faster, making the game more difficult.

The game includes a screen wrapping feature like old arcade SHMUPs, where you can fly from one edge of the screen to the other. The game also lets you become invincible for a few seconds when respawning.

The game was developed in Unity using C#. In the making of the game I followed a series of training videos made freely available by 3D Buzz.

This was my first time using the Unity game engine, as well as the C# programming language. None of the 3D models, textures and sound files were made by me.