The Hitchhiker

The Hitchhiker

Project type: Exile Game Jam

Made: November 2011

My fields: Game design, Programming

Time spent on this project: 48 hours

Tools used: Unity 3.4.2, Visual Studio Express 2010, Photoshop CS5, Anime Studio Pro, Adobe Illustrator

DOWNLOAD: The Hitchhiker

About this project:

Play as a pyromaniac girl running around in a deep, scary forest while listening to a heartbroken song about life’s miseries.

The Hitchhiker is a game developed at the Exile Game Jam Autumn 2011. It is meant to more of an experience than a game. The visuals are kept in greyscale colors with black silhouettes and fog.

The game is about a woman who is fleeing from unknown pursuers. The only thing the player can do is accelerate her pace (Spacebar), managing her stamina with a meter in the bottom left corner. When she stops, if given enough time, she will set a fire thus stalling her enemies. As she builds enough of a lead she will be able to hitchhike a car that will take her back home. While driving you’ll see that something is wrong; that maybe everything isn’t as you thought and you’ll question who’s good and who’s evil.

A song was composed and recorded during the jam, adding to the game’s ambient storytelling.


Anchel Labena
Gustav Dahl
Jonathan Van Hove
Mikkel Faurholm
William Robinson