When working with game development, I like to take on various roles. These include game design, programming, audio and project mangement.

I speak and write fluently in English and Danish.

I’ve used a wide array of tools and programs and see myself as a fast learner.

Main tools I use in my day-to-day work:

  • Game engine: Unity / C# / Visual Studio
  • Source control: Git / SourceTree
  • Video editing: Vegas Pro / OBS / DaVinci Resolve / Audacity
  • Project management: Jira / YouTrack / Confluence / Scrum / Trello
  • File sharing: Slack / Dropbox / Google Drive
  • Image editing: Photoshop / Affinity Photo / Capture One / ScreenToGif
  • Web: WordPress / FileZilla / Twitter
  • Community management: Discord / Kickstarter / Reddit / Imgur

Other things I’ve worked with:

  • Podcasting (hosting, recording, editing)
  • Video (recording, editing, post-production)
  • Organizing game jams
  • Teaching game development to young students (basic skills in Scratch and Unity)
  • Game testing & QA (both physically at game companies and in online playtests/betas)
  • Writing news and reviews for game websites
  • Helping Kickstarter campaigns (e.g. A Hat in Time)
  • Blogging (I started blogging in 2006)

Some of my non-game related hobbies and interests:

  • Photography (
  • Volunteer work – local animal shelter (fall 2017) and wildlife work with lions in Zimbabwe (summer 2018)
  • Running (I’ve completed multiple half marathons)
  • Karate (Wado Ryu)
  • SCUBA Diving
  • Cognitive psychology
  • The brain, memory and memory techniques
  • Japanese culture and language
  • Geocaching